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Workshop on the voice of the community in the Constitution

Aleppo University in the liberated areas, in cooperation with the Committee for The Restoration of Stability, organized a workshop entitled "The Voice of the Community in the Constitution", presented by Mr. Hadi Al-Bahra, Joint Chairman of the Constitutional Committee, at Aleppo University in the liberated areas. The workshop, which was held on Wednesday, was attended […]

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Debt swells in light of the collapse of the Syrian pound

In the presence of the Presidency of Aleppo University in the liberated areas represented by "Prof. Dr. Yassin al-Khalifa, Dr. Zia al-Din Al-Qaalsh, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bakkar and deans of colleges and institutes", and Professor Ahmed Al-Shahadi, member of the Syrian Coalition, and under the auspices of the Ministries of Justice, Economy and Finance in […]

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